TTDC was founded for providing solutions in the two important areas that all companies, governments, and other organizations require:

  • Economic and Financial Studies; and
  • Sustainability, including the care of Natural Resources.

These solutions are developed at three different levels: as studies, as executive projects, and finally implementing the executive project, including construction and formation of organizations for furthering the goals set.   

Economic and Financial Studies at TTDC span the whole gamut of possibilities, and the principal members of our company have dedicated their lives to doing over a hundred of these studies in order to improve the decision-making process that accompanies any investment, especially large ones. This area also includes long-term planning and the administration of an organization.

Sustainability is an ecological concept that covers all natural resources, but at TTDC our interests are basically in the field of water, especially wastewater. Other areas of work include Climate Change and how to prepare for it, as also the development of methods that use natural resources without their deterioration.

Naturally, most studies and consulting include important aspects of both areas, Economics and Finance on the one hand, and Sustainability on the other.