TTDC provides specialized services for:

  • Economic and Financial Consulting
  • Socioeconomic Studies
  • Organizational and Planning
  • Business and Governmental Planning and Organization
  • Market Analysis
  • Wastewater Treatment and Water Issues
  • Sustainability, Water Resources and Climate Change 

Our Mission is to provide required services with more efficient solutions to today's problems faced by businesses and governmental entities. These solutions are a combination of economic, financial, engineering, social, cultural and ecological factors, and therefore multidisciplinary work is the general way we proceed with all of our studies and consulting.


Jayanta Gupta,  he is Cofounder of TTDC and has a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India, in Chemical Engineering, an MBA from Rutgers State  University of New Jersey and an Advanced Diploma in Managing Projects from the University of Manchester, England, UK. He is an accomplished and effective team leader, with focus on enabling the business' agenda and adding value through continuous improvement. Also he has specialized in Capital Project Managent, Engineering/Procurement/Construction Management.

Jay Gupta has huge experience with implementing  Safety and Environment regulations and Key Strengths. He has worked in completed pojects for important companies all over the World, and especially in the United States. He has abundant experience in planning and upgrading projects at various chemical manufacturing plants. 

Firdaus Jhabvala, has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania. He has studied and worked in several countries, including the U.S., India and Mexico. Dr. Jhabvala has been a consultant on Economic and Fiscal Policy, Organizational and Planning problems and strategies, as also Water issues, specially wastewater treatment, in which field he holds two patents, and has designed, built and operated the largest wastewater treatment plant with secondary treatment entirely based on wetlands.

Firdaus has written extensively both in English as well as in Spanish. He has been involved in more that 100 projects involving economic and financial studies and consulting for private companies and public institutions.

Josefina Osorio Avalos, Chief Economics Research

Josefina has  worked on socioeconomic studies and several diagnoses of economic sectors, "Cost- Benefic" studies, impact analyses of oil, and fiscal coordination in Mexico. She coordinates seminars for our company in Mexico and elsewhere. She has a master's degree in "Economics applied to business" from the University of the Valley of Mexico, Tabasco, Mexico, 2002.

Our Trusted Partners:

TTDC has domestic and international partners for the realization of  work and experience in related areas. We work in the US with water For Humans (  and in Mexico with Tecnologia de Pantanos Artificiales, S.A. de C.V.