Our Experience is vast and covers several areas during more than four decades in many countries of the world, including the US, India, Mexico, El Salvador, Great Britain, Indonesia and several other countries.

Recent Projects:
1) Cost- Benefit Analysis of Natural Technological Projects to Mitigate Climate Change in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador in El Salvador.

2) Center for Natural Resources, Science and Technology for the Autonomous Juarez University in Tabasco, Mexico.

  • Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

With our Mexican counterparts, we have designed and constructed wastewater treatment plants with wetlands technology in several municipalities in Mexico:

City of El Carmen, Tlaxcala, tertiary treatment for 25 lps. 

City of Macultepec, Tabasco, secondary treatment for 125 lps, and the largest of its class any where.

Santa Cruz Quiletla, Tlaxcala, secondary treatment for 4 lps.

City of Cuitzeo, Michoacan, secondary treatment for 25 lps.


We were at the Gulf SUMMIT 2017, March 2017 in Houston, Texas assisting the President of the Mexican Consortium of Marine Research Institutions of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and of the University Juarez Autonomous of Tabasco, Mexico, Dr. José Manuel Piña Gutiérrez, for enhancing collaborative academic and science research work in the region. 

Report of visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mandenville, Lousiana. 12/13-14/2012

The Mandeville Plant has been sucessful with the total processing of all its wastewater. This treatment plant was designed with the surface water constructed wetland. Our personal and partner in Mexico decided visit it for share this experiencie.

Recent News from Mexico:

Interview with our expert in economics on change economy model of Mexico, published in Presente diary of Tabasco, Mexico, in December 2017.